Sublimation Hardboard Rectangular Blank
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Sublimation Hardboard Rectangular Blank

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These rectangular hardboard blanks are perfect for creating signs, 

The quality Unisub coating is designed specifically to give outstanding sublimation image results.

  • 8" X 11"
  • 1/8" Thick
  • Single-Sided - Front is a glossy white side for sublimation, back side is a dark brown hardboard.
  • Double-Sided - Both sides have a glossy white side for sublimation.
  • Surface is dry erase.  

Pressing Instructions:

  • Pre-press both sides for 20 seconds and let cool. Failure to pre press can cause damage to your boards when you press the image.
  • Temperature of 400° F is recommended for all Unisub products.
  • Recommended dwell time is 60-70 seconds.
  • Use moderate to heavy pressure—it should require some effort to close your heat press.
  • After pressing, cool under a heavy object to help to prevent warping. 
  • Time and temperature may vary depending on your heat press and the thickness of the blank material.
  • Dwell times can be increased or reduced in 5-10 second increments until you find the time that results in the clearest image. 
  • REMOVE protective masking prior to fabrication and all Unisub products are fabricated FACE UP, (transfer paper on top).

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